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Tim Cornman_______________Jason Walker

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KrisTa Funk__________________Joe Lackey

Music Supervisor

Titanium Penos

Feb 27th, 2020 by The Moratorium

And so it begins.

     Jason and Tim have been friends for, what some might say, way too long. But they are just a small duo in a much larger group of, very much, like minded nerds that love weird movies.

     The 1980’s were a quintessential time for the big bang of the great video store. Never-ending shelves of VHS tapes captured our imagination with extravagant box art,  and we couldn’t get enough. 

     The little known obscure titles were often very intoxicating. The search for the unknown gem, the bizarre plots, and the unimaginable special effects was a challenge in a sea of trash and treasure.

     Only in this time these tasty treats were often unavailable, and lost without distribution.

    Thus, the Moratorium was born. A back room in a small town video store that appreciated these films in all of their glory. 

     These days everything is available. Finding and celebrating these long lost films is an obsession. We have come together to share this obsession in a podcast that can only be described as The Moratorium.

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    1. I’m sure that we can accommodate. And thanks for listening. Be sure to follow us on social media for daily updates. #VivaLaVHS


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