Mountain of the Cannibal God

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Directed by Sergio Martino

Released 1978

Runtime 99 minutes


Mountain of the Cannibal God, AKA Slave of the Cannibal God, AKA Prisoner of the Cannibal God, is an Italian horror, shock, adventure film the likes of which has been seen many times over. This film stars Ursula Andress as a buxom blonde who travels to New Guinea under the “Spoiler Alert” guise of looking for her husband who has gone missing from and expedition to search for “Spoiler Alert” Uranium to exploit from the native peoples.

Sergio Martino directs this exploitative shocker that also stars a young Stacy Keach. This seems very indicative of many Italian films to capture the international audience by hiring an American actor to play a lead. It is also very popular for these types of films to have several names.

The story is not so different from these types of films of the same style. A beautiful buxom blonde is taken hostage by cannibalistic natives of a foreign country and subjected to the different cultures and possibly forced to perform certain acts. This is depicted in a series of shots in the third act of the film that stretch the boundaries of soft porn which include a lengthy female masturbation scene along side a graphic scene of a native with a rather large pig. (I will refrain from elaboration) This with the, now nearly campy, death scenes that include beheading and castration helped garner its listing within the Video Nasties. I am sure that the visceral scenes of animal upon animal violence also attributed to the various cuts released of the film.

It is fairly obvious of the rogue nature of the filming and the quality of the special effects are what to be expected from this era. Although there are several minutes of my life that I wish I could get back, I did enjoy the film. In fact, many of the scenes in which the expedition guides were picked off one by one was reminiscent of Predator minus the sweet alien and budget.

Overall, I am fairly sure I will not be revisiting this film in the future, but I am very interested in some of the other films by Martino. I will soon be checking out Screamers, AKA Island of the Fishmen, AKA Something Waits in the Dark, as I recall the box art from the video store and previous conversations with Jason.

So, if you are into the cannibal films of the late 70’s early 80’s definitely give this a run. It is, at most, entertaining for a young Stacy Keach, and the exploits of a former bond girl.

Tim Cornman

Co-host and Co-creator: The Moratorium

Published by Tim

I grew up around the movie theater. Going to the movies was a weekly thing. Just out of high school, I managed a drive-in theater. Shortly after that I went on to manage a multiplex theater. When I wasn't at work, I was still at the theater taking in as much popcorn and visual stimulation as possible. I went on to manage a video store after a few years and that is where I gained full, or no, control of my movie addiction, and watched everything I could get my hands on. Many years have passed but my love for the odd, and obscure, movies, especially from the 1980's, never died. Now along with my friends, we bring this passion into another form, a podcast. And why not, we have been gathering together, usually in the kitchen, to do this exact thing for years, which is talking about movies.

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